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Orelse is one of the most upcoming & talented djs & producers in Greece. Somewhere there you‘ll see or you‘ll listen him raising the db breaking the boundaries of progressive house and tech-house.

Orestis Papavasiliou or Orelse although his 26 years has managed to be in the charts every month, getting top places with his productions among great names of House music.

Armed with the knowledge of sound engineering and music technology begun his journey into sounds and music production. In Myspace the first music footsteps were made nevertheless it’s the only way for new producers to show their work. That wasn’t enough. Soon the positive feedback from the daily viewers on his page gave him the strength to believe that this is just the beginning. With the first release on Musictracx Recordings he has reached 5th position on Djdownload top 100 for 2 weeks and that was only the beginning! As a result many releases and remixes by Greek and international producers came up next. His tracks were getting the attention they deserved and being played by top djs like Paul Van Dyk. His releases never stop and we start counting labels from Bonzai Music, Coraza Recordings, Lad Music, Reticent Recordings and many many others.

For many, all these things would seem enough, but something important was missing…the personal feel of the crowd. As an original producer he had to present his creations to his crowd that so long was listening to him, but not seeing him.

Having gained the positive feedback for his tracks, from the music places ofAthens, all clubs were willing to give him his night so he could make the new intrude in house music. Orelse surely won’t forget his first event with Bonzai Music standing next to people he admired and waiting for the moment he would meet his thirsty audience. From now and then he always shows us that the touch with your crowd is a gift and not a strategy that these last years are used to see.

Radio stations very soon recognize his talent and offer him to present his own radio shows. We will listen to him on Free Radio and other local radio stations as house music is a music wave and not just a fashion for the whole country.

If you think that all these things are made through many years, I will surprise you because Orelse’s action is counted only for two years. What else can we wish for such a talented person, other than keep going!!



Releases & Remixes 2010

Cold Beatz (Compilation) Orelse-Tiger Lillies (Original Mix) (Movement Recordings)

Alex Torn-Together (Orelse Remix) ( Bonzai Music)

Orelse & T-Dallas-Ipanema Ivory (Deepsessions Recordings)

Orelse-Distorted Moans Ep (Deepsessions Recordings)

Orelse-Oath Part 1 Lp (Deepsessions Recordings)

Ashraf Mansour-Warrior Madness (Orelse A Warrior’s Colour Mix) (Deepsessions Recordings)

Deeper Shades Of Greece (Compilation). Orelse-It’s My Karma (Original Mix) (Deepsessions Recordings)

Greg Siokos-Push (Orelse’s Power Mix) (Ocean Drive Records)

Alex Torn-Fanane (Orelse Aqua Mix) (Progrez/Bonzai music)

Orelse-Heaven Bells Ep (Bellarine Recordings)

Chris Machlas-Dark Skies (Orelse Misty Rainbow Mix) (Deepsessions Recordings)

Organic Traxx Vol.2 (Compilation). Orelse-Can You Do That Again (Original Mix)

Darkon-Vision “The Remixes” (Orelse Water Feeling Mix) (Deepsessions Recordings)

John Hellson-Tanza (Orelse Dub Mix) (220V Recordings)

Pure Progressive 3 (Compilation). Alex Torn-Nightbird (Orelse Twisted Hour Mix) (Progrez/Bonzai Music)

Bonzai Progressive Kult Vol.3 Anniversary Edition (Compilation). Orelse-Feel It (Deep Oblivion Mix) (Bonzai Progressive/Bonzai Music)

Deep Trance Traxx 2 (Compilation). Orelse-The Summer Track (Nas Horizon Remix) (Green Martian/Bonzai Music)

Pure Progressive 2 (Compilation). Orelse-Feel It (Deep Oblivion Mix) (Progrez/Bonzai Music)

Orelse-Minimal Opera Ep (Bellarine Recordings)

Orelse-Through Her Eyes Ep (Bellarine Recordings)


Releases & Remixes 2009

Orelse-Beethoven’s Last Night Ep (Bellarine Recordings)

Orelse-Feel It Ep (Bonzai Music)

Rafael Gomez-Toxic (Orelse Remix) (Drag & Drop Records)

Alex Torn-Anamea (Orelse Remix) (Progrez/Bonzai Music)

Orelse-Mechanize Me Ep (Bellarine Recordings)

Orelse-Joyride Ep (Swordtail Records)

Trance Raider (Compilation). Orelse-The Summer Track (Nas Horizon

Remix) (Camouflage/Bonzai music)

Laidback Trance (Compilation.) Orelse-The Summer Track (George

Vemag’s Side) (Green Martian/Bonzai Music)

Darkon-Before The End (Orelse Remix) (Android Records/Bonzai


Inspiring Beach House (Compilation). Cristian Paduraru-Metro (Orelse

Remix) (Worldwide Exclusive Records)

Orelse-The Summer Track Ep (Green Martian/Bonzai Music)

Alex Coollook-Define Real (Orelse Remix) (Green Martian/Bonzai


George Vemag-Bonzai Worx (Compilation) Orelse-The Summer

Track (George Vemag’s Side) (Bonzai Music)

Eli Clement-Abyssal Wave (Orelse Remix) (Android Records/Bonzai



Alex Coollook-Cavo (Orelse Remix) (Bonzai Fiesta/Bonzai Music)

Greg Siokos-Forest (Orelse Remix) (Ocean Drive Records)

George Vemag-Endless Night (Orelse Remix)

(Camouflage/Bonzai Music)

Alex Coollook-Sunshine Sax (Orelse Remix) (Bonzai

Fiesta/Bonzai Music)

Nas Horizon-Never Go Back (Orelse Remix) (Android

Records/Bonzai Music)


Releases & Remixes 2008

Orelse-Addictz Ep (Trident Music)

Orelse-Tribal Destination Ep (Pastdeux Music)

Dj Antonio-Nature Synths (Orelse Remix) (Coraza Recordings)

House Session 13 (Compilation) V-Sexion-Dull Emotion (Orelse


Orelse-Irreversible Ep (Musashi Belgium/Bonzai Music)

Jacksin Featuring David Jude-Bringing Down The Moon (Orelse

Remix (Pastdeux Music)

Orelse-Lucky You Ep (LAD Music)

Orelse-Set Me Free Ep (Elettrika Records)

Progressive Revival (Compilation) Cristian Paduraru-Metro (Orelse


Akkaground 2 (Compilation) V-Sexion-Dull Emotion (Orelse Remix)

(Akka Music)

Floor Attack 13 (Compilation) Greg Siokos-Part Of Me (Orelse Remix)

(Stranamente Music)

Paul Prior-A Dirty World (Orelse Remix) (Reticent Recordings)

Paul Prior-Oddity (Orelse Remix) (Reticent Recordings)

Zambino-Time (Orelse Remix) (Beatwork Music)

Justin Carr-Tribal Infusion (Orelse Remix) (Reticent Recordings)

Sanya Shelest-Natasha (Orelse Remix) (Spex Recordings)

Greg Siokos-Fog (Orelse Remix) (Ocean Drive Records)

Greg Siokos-Seven (Orelse Remix) (Bonzai Music)

Orelse-The Orelse Ep (Coraza Recordings)

V-Sexion-Dull Emotion (Orelse Remix) (Akka Music)

Sticky Electro-Tralectric (Orelse Remix) (Sticky Recordings)

Orelse Featuring D_Scarlet-Beneath The Remains (Coraza



Releases & Remixes 2007

Orelse-The Purple Ep (The Guardian Label)

Nas Horizon-Epic (Orelse Remix) (Lets Play House Recordings)

Orelse-Out Of Nowhere Ep (Musictracx Recordings)

Lee Newman & D.Lyle-Dirty Little Bass (Orelse Remix) (Lets Play

House Recordings)

Dj Star Steady-Rushing Like (Orelse Remix) (Lets Play House


Dj Star Steady-Monkey Business (Orelse Remix) (Lets Play House


Orelse-The Last Embrace (Green Martian/Bonzai Music)

Cristian Paduraru-Shall We Dance (Orelse Remixes) (Dj Friendly


Cristian Paduraru-Positive Education (Orelse Remix) (Dj Friendly



(Compact Disc):

  • June 2009: Chris Stavropoulos Mixes The Greeks (Compilation). Orelse-Feel It (Original Mix) & Orelse-The Summer Track (Deep Oblivion Remix) (Freeze Magazine)
  • October 2007: Freeze Magazine,  Myspace Worldwide Competition (Compilation). Orelse-Only Pantomime



Dj Support


Paul Van Dyk, Dave Seaman, Markus Schulz, Nick Warren, Dousk, Adrianos Papades, Flash Brothers, Airwave, Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Varron, Gai Barrone, Chloe Harris, John Digweed and many others.


Radio Shows


Usessions Web Radio “Dream Sequencer by Orelse” Every Monday 20:00-21:00 (GR)

93,8 Radio “Orelse Radio Show” (GR)

Free Fm 98 “Orelse Awake & Dreaming” 2009-2010 (GR)

Best Radio 97,3 “Poetic Prose By Orelse” 2009-2010 (GR)

City Fm 92 “The Orelse Experience” 2008-2010 (GR)

Danceradio Global “Progressive Desires By Orelse” 2008-2010  (Global)

Bm Radio “The Orelse Experience” 2008-2010  (GR)

Heat Radio 96 “Orelse Radio Show” 2008-2009 (GR)

Ensonic Fm “The Orelse Experience” 2008-2010 (Global)

Life 89,2 Radio “Orelse Awake & Dreaming”  Every Friday 13:00-14:00 (Global)

DanceRadio Tech House Channel “Indonesian Soundz by Orelse” Every 1st Thursday Of The Month (Global)

Seduction Dance Tunes “Seductive Hour By Orelse” Every Saturday 01:00-02:00 (Global)

Guest Appearances (Radios)


Pure Fm (UK)

Afterhours Fm (UK)

DI Radio (USA)

Free Angel 91,8 (GR)

Westradio (GR)

Proton Radio (UK)

Afterhours Fm (USA)

Discoid Radio (BEL)


KRS Radio (ARG)

Kiss Fm (AUS)

We Love House Fm (GER)


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