Konstantino P

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Born in February 1986 in Athens, konstantino P, fast developed the intense will to express himself through music when he was just 4 years old. Later on and throughout his childhood years considerably early, after he had studied the classical piano for several years, he started composing music that was a fact that seemed to be the sequence of the determination that he showed as a child. The first success came in 2001 when he won the first prize in music composition in the international contest of the ” Antismoking campaign”. Later on and specifically at a party in the last grade of high school among his classmates, he turned his musical expression from composure to djing. That was the start.

Since finishing school and until now he has passed from numerous clubs, starting from the well-known QUASAR in 2004, which he took over for 5 consecutive years. The first touch with the club environment was determining. The sequence was at first the successful club ENVY and then at the best vip club-restaurant in Athens, BARAONDA. At the same time with the latter, in which he had the residency until the whole year 2010 along with many well-known names ( Dreamers iNC., Giannis Lachanos, Menelaos Koutsakos, and others) he started the well-known until now “PARTOUZE concept”, a party that was hosted for the last 2 years from the best clubs at Kolonaki. Among these were DYBBUK, CABARET and 3 Pigs, the best dance stages in Athens. This party was also the reason for his cooperation with Leonidas Lessakis in the best radio station in Korinthos, MY RADIO 89.6 since May 2009. Since then and until now, his distinct, one could say, mainstream house style, with an intense party mood, has been proved very “effective” and it opened the doors to many bars-clubs not only in Athens (CAVO PARADISO-Mykonos, BARAONDA-Athens, Dybbuk-Kolonaki, Vive Mar, 3 pigs-Kolonaki, Quasar, Bobayo-Athens, SHARK Serifos, Punda Beach, ENVY, Cabaret-Kolonaki) and also to many private parties of famous people at the best Luxury hotels of Attica like ASTIR PALACE, GRAND RESORT in Lagonissi and Divani Caravel. His numerous cooperations and projects are special ( warm-ups, back to back sets and parties) that he has done in the last years, which include very big names like Kenny Carpenter, Lenny Fontana, dj Pascal, MsLefki, Nick Varon, dj Philly, Gary Butcher (Ibiza-Cafe Del Mar), VIP ( Villa Mercedes-Athens), Maggy Charalambidou, Cleopatra Fintanidou, the Romanian MATTYAS, OTHERVIEW and many more. The composition Deep, Tech, ambient-chill out and atmospheric music remains until today his most direct expression in his studio somewhere in Athens, always though (at least until today) for his personal satisfaction. People know him, until now, only as a DJ, a fact that will surely change in the future.

As he says: “The sky is is just the beginning!”


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